My name is Emma. I am a Physiotherapist and work front of house at a theatre in the evenings but love to travel as much as possible and decided to document it all for friends, family or whoever wants to read it. I love looking at travel blogs to get tips on places to visit so wanted to give something back and share my experiences around the world. I try to post every Wednesday and Sunday at around 4pm GMT.

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 Contact me via: emma.c.hayes@hotmail.co.uk



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  1. nicolefrancescaevans April 20, 2015 — 9:06 am

    Great blog Emma,


  2. Hi Emma, I think your blog is lovely and for that reason I have nominated you for an award. Please take a look but just disregard if you don’t wish to participate. Kind Regards, Marion


  3. nice to meet you Emma 🙂 you´ve been everywhere, thanks for sharing your trips 🙂 cheers from Lisbon, PedroL

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  4. I love to read your blog.


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