Goodbye Big Apple.

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Monday was our final day in New York. Our plan was to return to Central Park to see the bits we hadn’t been able to get to earlier in the holiday. However, as we stepped out of the hotel our plans quickly changed when we saw the heavens had opened and it was pouring with rain. We decided to go straight for our afternoon activity which was visiting Macys Store (on 34th and Broadway). On the way there we made a quick stop at the New York Public Library and then carried on to the famous department store. It is huge and offers good discounts on many brands. I ended up spending more than I had intended to whilst there!

For lunch we went back to Grand Central Station again. Today the market was open so we had a quick look in there before heading down to the food concourse. We shared a slice of pizza between us then returned to Juniors to do battle once again with their cheesecake. On this occasion Fraser had Devil’s Food, essentially a chocolate cake and cheesecake tower, and I had a raspberry swirl cheesecake. Once again neither of us could finish it but they were both so good. The only complaint I have about it is that they don’t seem to have much of a biscuit base which is my favourite part of a cheesecake, but they still provide a taste sensation.
SAM_4443 SAM_4444
It was then time to leave for the airport. We were advised it would take around 40 mins to an hour to get to Newark so we booked a shuttle that gave us plenty of time. What we hadn’t accounted for was the fact it takes much, much longer if the day you leave happens to coincide with the President coming to town as half the roads are shut and there are police on every corner. We did eventually make it though ready to start our flight home.

Overall I had an amazing time in New York. Most of our activities were really enjoyable (with the exception of MoMA). The NYP was a great saving in terms of money but it also gave us ideas of things we could do or see that we wouldn’t have thought of if we hadn’t had it and we would have done much more of the activities on it if I hadn’t been ill, I would highly recommend it. I would also recommend the Big Apple as a whole to anyone and the time of year we went seemed perfect- nice weather for the majority of our time and the crowds were not too huge. It was a top class experience and yet I still have so much to do when I get around to going back!!

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