Ancient Kyoto.

Today we were on a full day tour of Kyoto with Sunrise tours. I can’t lie, I dislike these tours as you feel like a herd of sheep being shepherded around. It does allow you to see all the main sites in a limited amount of time with information from the guide.

Our first destinatoin was Nijo Castle. This is where the Shogun would stay when in Kyoto. As with all the Japanese buildings the interior was simplistic with little furniture. We were able to see all the meeting rooms and learn about how the Shogun and feudal lords went about their business.
IMG_6398 IMG_6401 IMG_6408 IMG_6409 IMG_6411 IMG_6414 IMG_6415
Next stop was Kinkakuji temple otherwise known as the “Golden Pavilion”. Set in pleasant gardens with the autumn foliage on full display this gold leaf structure is beautiful if a little ostentatious. In the sun it glitters but still seems to fit in with the nature around it, maybe due to the time of year meaning all the leaves were turning gold also.
IMG_6417 IMG_6423 IMG_6425 IMG_6427 IMG_6430 IMG_6432 IMG_6433 IMG_6440 IMG_6442 IMG_6444 IMG_6451 IMG_6452 IMG_6463
Our last stop of the morning was the Imperial Palace. The entry requirements here are strict! We all had to fill out our personal details to hand in and had to be counted into the grounds.No one lives here anymore as the Emporer currently lives in Tokyo, hence Tokyo being the capital city, and I have to say I was a little underwhelmed. Having seen so many beautiful buildings on this trip there was not much special about the palace. It had a nice water garden but that was about it.
IMG_6468 IMG_6469 IMG_6476 IMG_6478 IMG_6479 IMG_6480 IMG_6485 IMG_6489 IMG_6497 IMG_6498 IMG_6506
We stopped for lunch and had a set meal of tempura and chicken cooked in broth with all the usual trimmings. Next we went to Heian Shrine. An orange and white shrine but to be honest I’m a bit shrined out.
IMG_6510 IMG_6516
Then to Sanjusangendo which is a Buddhist temple containing 1000 carved Buddhas all made separately in great detail. 1000 is believed to be the number of perfection. The temple holds a coming of age archery competition for young women every year outside the length of the building.

Our final stop of the day was Kiyomizu temple. This is up above the city. You have to walk along a bustling souvenir street to get to the temple which was so crowded with people trying to get the pictures of the red leaves and across the city in the sunset. There is a fountain, that is supposed to heal the soul, just under the temple also.
IMG_6520 IMG_6525 IMG_6536 IMG_6547 IMG_6552 IMG_6554
We were dropped back at our hotel and then set off to find some dinner. We settled on a restaurant that did Okonomiyaki set menu for Fraser and I had very tasty Japanese style beef strips in our own booth with a hot plate built into the table. We then called it a night.


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  1. Such incredible photos- thank you for sharing these! I’d love to travel to Japan one day, the landscapes and the temples look so beautiful!


  2. I love Kyoto, we travel there almost once a month, and I always stumble on something new.


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