Eccup reservoir.

As people we always seem to be interested in visiting and exploring far flung places around the globe, so much so that sometimes we forget what we have in our own back yard. Living in Leeds in West Yorkshire I am lucky to be very close to many beautiful natural landscapes and areas and I am determined to pay more attention to what is just around the corner, not just take it for granted.

With all that being said Fraser and I went for a walk around Eccup reservoir. This 91 hectare reservoir is just North of Leeds near Alwoodley. We wanted to get out and about and also to test out my new go pro 3+ on a selfie stick attachment.

Being January in England it was cold and wet which did ruin the views somewhat and made all the tracks very muddy. Despite the weather there were quite a few hardy people out and about enjoying the fresh air.

The reservoir is a nice distance around the parameter for an afternoon stroll, however, they are currently renovating an area part way around meaning the footpath was closed and there was no alternative route. We ended up having to backtrack the way we had come (it is due to reopen in time for the Spring/Summer period). The track is kept quite separated from the reservoir in the adjoining fields which is a bit disappointing, I would have loved to have walked around the edge of the water but that was not to be.

Looking back at my footage/ photos from the go pro it is clear I am going to need more practise; I find it very difficult being unable to see what I am taking a photo of and what is being framed within the shot. Currently I only have the selfie stick and bike mounts for the camera and I can’t wait to use it in the future to try and create some cool shots.

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