Pigeon Island- St. Lucia.

Located near the Sandals Grande St Lucian hotel is Pigeon Island. This is an area of land just off Rodney bay that was used strategically as a fort throughout history. The two hills provided a good viewpoint for spotting enemy ships and defending against them. It was originally an island until a man-made tombolo was put in place to connect it to the mainland. Nowadays it is a National Park that you can enter for a small fee to walk up the two peaks.

IMG_3139 IMG_3142

We walked up both peaks to take in the views along the coastline. The first peak we reached was the lower of the two, has a dirt path and steps up to the top and still has some of the Fort Rodney walls around it. This gives great views back towards the bay.

IMG_3146IMG_3147IMG_3151IMG_31551294416_10200323048599414_1525847389_o - Copy 1400666_10200323069799944_1762573017_o - Copy1417529_10200323074600064_1641488435_o

The second hill is a slightly more challenging climb with unstable footing but was completely manageable. The view from the top is pretty stunning.

IMG_3160IMG_3167IMG_3169IMG_31781398933_10200323100040700_1425713221_o - Copy

It was pretty hot on the walk but a dip in the sea at the Grande St Lucian cooled us off afterwards. It is definitely worth the effort of going up if in St Lucia.

IMG_3180 IMG_3181

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