Malham and it’s Cove.

Malham was looking lovely whilst we were there. Not only was it decked out for the Tour de France but there was also a festival with lots of models of animals throughout the village. This did mean it was quite busy, especially as the weather picked up for our last day, but it added a great atmosphere.

IMG_3742 IMG_3747 IMG_3750 IMG_3752 IMG_3753 IMG_3754

We went to explore above the village on a random hillside with a friend, who was also in the area, and her dog who loved exploring the hillsides.

IMG_3739 10346652_10154165610880344_1034676799302174184_n 10336817_10154165610840344_5804801727779739796_n IMG_3736 IMG_3737 IMG_3738

Our main stop for the day was Malham Cove. Being a massive Harry Potter fan this was the area I was most excited to see. The cove is a filming location from the Deathly Hallows part 1 where Harry and Hermione camp before deciding they want to visit Godric’s Hollow. Geeking aside, as arguably the most famous landmark for Malham there were plenty of tourists around.

As you walk to get there you came towards a large cliff face. Many people were gathered there with binoculars to view the birds nesting along the ridges.

IMG_3756 IMG_3758 IMG_3759

We climbed up the steps to the top where you find the limestone pavement. It is so much fun jumping over the cracks and the views down along the valley are spectacular.

IMG_3760 IMG_3761 IMG_3762 IMG_3763 IMG_3768 IMG_3771 IMG_3775 IMG_3776 IMG_3779 IMG_3783 IMG_3786 IMG_3787 IMG_3789

We went for a walk around the area at the top which got us away from the crowds as most people were just sticking to the main cliff top, before heading back down to the village to set off back home.

IMG_3797 IMG_3799

Whether you have seen Harry Potter or not this area is beautiful and should e on anyone’s list of top places to visit in the UK.


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  1. Oh wow. Goose bumps setting these pictures. So many good memories. Thank you. Made me smile after a heavy day at work.


  2. Fab…. I love Malham and I didn’t realise Deathly Hallows was filmed there!


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