Train back to Delhi.

The afternoon after our free morning in Pushkar, we had dinner in Little Italy which served very yummy pizzas and Nutella crepes, then travelled to Ajmer to catch the train to Delhi.

On the train we sat in what was classed as 2nd class. The journey was long but our ticket included plenty of food and some drinks. Despite the length of the journey it was much quicker and more comfortable than it would have been by bus and was a nice touch as we drew towards the end of our tour.

We got back to Delhi very late so went straight to bed.

The next day there was a Delhi tour organised but as it started at 7.45 in the morning only a handful of people actually went on it. The rest of us rose a little later and decided to go and explore the local area. The hotel was in the Karol Bagh region of New Delhi.

On our first trip out in the morning there were a few market stalls set up and quite a few fixed price shops that we all wanted to explore to get some last minute souvenirs.

Our second trip was for lunch. On a recommendation from our tour leader we ended up just down the road called “Spicy by Nature”. That served the best food I had all trip (in general the places we ate in Delhi were better meals than we had elsewhere other than the hotel restaurant). I had my standard meal of mutton Sheekh kebab which it turns out I love.

On our third trip out we ended up in the bazaar which was crazy, busy and kept all the senses completely overloaded. We also found an amazing bakery on one of the main streets that did awesome cakes and apparently very good shakes.


With that done it was time to say goodbye to those in the group that were still around, people had been leaving gradually throughout the day, and head to bed.

The next morning we got a transfer early to the airport. NOTE: you need an airline ticket that you are able to show upon request just to get into the airport so have it ready printed or available on your phone without the need for wifi (this is not available in Delhi airport at the check in area) otherwise you will not be allowed in at all. We had to pay someone outside to print ours off for us, adding that extra bit of stress to proceedings.


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  1. You poor things! Did you have to leave the airport complex and everything to get the ticket printed?


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