Imagine Spa, Hazlewood Castle- review.

Located just off the Westbound A64 (near the A1[M]) in Yorkshire is a pretty, little castle called Hazlewood Castle. It is a popular wedding venue and walking around the scenic grounds it is easy to see why.

IMG_6666 1

We were there to try out the Imagine Spa facilities located within the castle after find a deal on Living Social. As part of our deal we got a mud serial chamber session, afternoon tea and discount from any other treatments booked that day. It was also apparently supposed to have a castle tour but by the time we enquired about this there were no guides around to do this.

We started by answering a quick health and preferences questionnaire and were then taken to a locker room to get changed. There is a lovely, relaxing waiting room with loungers and magazines for between treatments. There are only a limited number of chairs however, so when it got a little busier we all had to squeeze up with two to a chair.

First off we had our mud serial chamber. This involved us donning our swim wear and smearing each other in scented muds. We both preferred the chocolate scent, so had to compromise by both using this on our fronts and the other on our backs, there was also a third one meant for your face. Once covered you sit in a sauna to let the mud really sink into your pores. At the end of your allotted time the sprinklers turn on above your head and you can wash all the mud off (or try to anyway, it’s amazing how much mud can make it into your ears)! My skin felt baby soft after this although don’t wear your best bikini, the mud does mark it slightly.

We also booked ourselves in for another treatment each. I had a sports massage. The beautician doing it asked if I had any problem areas and, although doing a full body massage, concentrated on those parts. I felt so chilled out after this, I think it should be a regular thing for me.

Fraser opted for a men’s facial which he enjoyed and whilst the products were sinking in they did a head and neck massage on him. Feeling totally relaxed, we then went back to the waiting room.

Now for my main gripe. Upon arrival we had arranged times for all our activities. Our treatments ran a little late, although not by much. They did completely forget about us for our afternoon tea though until we went up and reminded them of it, quite a long while after the time we were booked in for.

When we were finally taken through we had our tea in the library which made for a very cosy setting, sat on comfortable sofas. When the food came it was yummy. We picked a sandwich filling each and were served these alongside an assortment of cakes and pastries (the vanilla slice was particularly good), a pot of tea and a great big scone with jam and clotted cream each. I am a huge fan of afternoon tea and this definitely hit the spot and succeeded in filling me up.

IMG_1202 1 IMG_1203 1 IMG_1207 1

A short stroll around the grounds finished the day off nicely.

IMG_6660 1 IMG_6661 1 IMG_6670 1

I would recommend Imagine Spa at Hazlewood Castle if you want to get a couple of treatments for a nice day out. The prices are reasonable, the food good and the setting is beautiful.

To visit their website click here

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