Feeding the ducks- Golden Acre Park, Leeds.

After a quick Google search for the best duck ponds in Yorkshire we settled on Golden Acre Park, a great choice as it is just down the road from my flat. Located just outside Alwoodley in North Leeds. It has 55 hectares of land with parkland, manicured gardens, lakes, footpaths and a small tea room. It was a little damp outside and underfoot but the sun was trying to break through so there were lots of people out and about.

We had read you shouldn’t feed ducks bread as it is like junk food to them. Suggested alternatives included peas and grapes so we took some of those with us. There were plenty of ducks on the lake for us to feed and even a dedicated duck feeding stand. Most of them were not interested in our offerings, although there were a few who were loving it, and spent their whole time surrounding the children who had taken bread with them instead.

IMG_8357 1 IMG_8373 1 IMG_8385 1 IMG_8402 1 IMG_8415 1 IMG_8434 1 IMG_8443 1 IMG_8466 1

Once we had run out of food (and I had taken hundreds of duck photos) we carried on walking around the park, stopping for a snack at the café. The café is currently having work done on it which is a bit of a shame, but the cakes were still excellent.

019ef4f35367531aa7520c0673292391f7e7c1a3d9 1 IMG_8525 1 IMG_8528 1

If wanting to get out of the city and have an afternoon stroll or picnic this is a great place. I would like to return in summer when some of the trees have leaves and enjoy it then.

IMG_8539 1


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  1. I love that little pavilion by the lake 🙂


  2. Brilliant photos, especially the one where you captured the spray pattern of water droplets around the head.


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