Cycling Yorkshire.

Cycling in Yorkshire has gained worldwide exposure over the past couple of years. It has hosted the opening of the Tour de France in 2014 and on the back of that introduced the brand new Tour de Yorkshire earlier this year. Leeds, where I live, played a major role in both of these with the cyclists coming within minutes of my flat both times. These events have shown to the world how beautiful the county is and how well it can organise major sporting occasions such as these.

IMG_9084 1

I went along to watch both events but in very different ways. For the Tour de France I cycled to the official start of the race at Harewood House where a cycling festival was held. There was merchandise, food, the red arrows and a whole load of cyclists. It was such an atmosphere.

IMG_4057 1 IMG_4093 1 IMG_4163 1 IMG_4167 1 IMG_4194 1

For the Tour de Yorkshire I walked to a nearby street that the race was coming along. This was towards the end of the race so was a completely different experience. We had the excitement of watching the top few cyclists really racing to try and win (although the leader was really quite a long way ahead).

IMG_8939 1 IMG_9036 1 IMG_9063 1 IMG_9122 1

The county works so well for this event due to the miles and miles of roads to travel along and the many hills making it pretty tough going.

Having been to these events and having seen the support throughout the county I am so glad to have been local and to be involved. Even though I lack any skill on a bike, I have now enrolled in my first ever triathlon (one and a half months… ARGH!!!!) and I believe things like this really do leave an ongoing legacy in an area.

Have you ever had a major sporting event near you? Did you go or would you want to if something came along?


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  1. Looks like such a beautiful day. Must say that you have clicked great shots 🙂


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