North Yorkshire Coastline.

On our recent trip to the North Yorkshire Moors we decided to spend one day exploring the coastline. Unfortunately the weather was pretty miserable but it was a good day nonetheless.

Our first stop was Ravenscar. There is not much to do here other than a coffee shop, a national trust info centre (which was closed), a hotel and a gold course. It does have panoramic views across towards Robin Hood’s Bay but even through the gloom was cool.

IMG_0189 1

Robin Hood’s Bay was our next stop. We parked at the top of the ill then walked down. It is steep down to the sea edge with loads of quaint little alleyways off the main street which were nice to wander along. There is a beach and a visitor centre that is small but has some interactive exhibits to keep children busy and educate them about the sea and coast. There are a few pubs to get food from. We stopped at “Ye Dolphin” where the portion sizes were huge and my parents had a really good looking fish and chips. The whole town is small and easily done within a couple hours but on a nice day you could easily while away a lot longer.

IMG_0197 1 IMG_0198 1 IMG_0215 1

Our last stop was Whitby Abbey. This is looked after by English Heritage so there was an entrance fee to get in. Inside you could walk around the ruin, with an audio guide if you fancy. It stands high above the town of Whitby and is quite spectacular despite half of it being pulled down. There were activities for kids but I was content to just stroll around, take in the scenery and take lots of pictures.

IMG_0231 1 IMG_0236 1 IMG_0257 1 IMG_0262 1

We then drove back through some gorgeous countryside back to our cottage. The coastline was a great day out despite the weather and I can imagine how nice it would be in the sunshine, although with the sun comes the tourists. If in the area it is well worth considering as something to do, particularly Robin Hood’s Bay which is just adorable.

Have you ever been to the North Yorkshire coast? Any tips or recommendations?

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