La Manga Coastal Walk.

Whilst in La Manga we wanted to try to get out on at least one walk. Having bought a local map with suggested routes on we picked one that fit in with our time limits and difficulty levels and set off as a group.

Our particular choice was a coastal loop trail starting from Bellaluz just above where we were staying. It started through a dense wood where at times it was difficult to follow the route especially when having to navigate around fallen trees.

IMG_0993 1

Once out on the coastline it becomes much easier to follow the trail as there are regular painted markers pointing you in the right direction. The landscape is jagged and at some points reminded me of Jurassic Park, although on a much smaller scale. It was rocky, sometimes very steep and reasonably warm but the views were beautiful and definitely worth it.

IMG_0990 1IMG_1009 1IMG_1020 1

The end of the route brought us out near the local cove (where most people head to the beach when staying in the La Manga Club Resort) so we decided to continue the walk down to there, dip out feet and many scratches in the sea and grab a drink. Whilst it was quiet when we arrived, by the time we left it had started to get quite busy.

IMG_1052 1

Despite visiting La Manga so many times whilst growing up we had never gone on a hike there but I loved it and would highly recommend it as one of the best things to do whilst in the area, especially if you like the outdoors and great scenery.

IMG_0982 1

Do you enjoy hiking whilst away? Do you go searching for scenic views?

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