Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards.

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards are held annually to celebrate the best photos taken of animals or plants during the last 12 months. It is hosted by the Natural History Museum and celebrates the works of people from all over the world and was first launched in 1964. The winning pieces are currently on show in an exhibition within the London Natural History Museum.


The exhibit is in a darkened room making the portraits and landscapes pop against the blank background. It is well set out but clearly popular as it was crowded whilst we were there, although we did go at the weekend so this could be expected.

The photos themselves are stunning, such artistry has clearly gone into all of them and also a lot of patience to get the perfect composition including a few who got into frozen lakes which just seems crazy. The fact that some of them were children is astounding, I wish I could take shots even halfway as good as them. There is an information board next to all of them letting you know the camera settings they used and what the picture is showing. This is used to raise awareness for species and what poses a threat to them ensuring the awards contribute to the conservation of the subject shown.

From there you can explore the rest of the museum which includes my favourite area of any museum anywhere- the dinosaur exhibit!! The building itself is worthy of a trip alone due to its beautiful architecture.

Whilst it is free to get into the Natural History Museum (much like many of London’s museums) you do have to pay to get into the photography exhibit. This is open to the public until April 10th 2016. It is brilliant to visit for anyone who appreciates amazing artwork/ photography or who wants inspiration to improve their own skills. I absolutely loved it.

Have you ever been to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year? Is it something that would interest you?

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