Lost Lake Snowshoeing.

Our first day in Whistler we decided to take things a little slower to get ourselves acclimatised to the 8 hour time difference. We woke at 4am so thought we could go out for some breakfast at Dubh Linn Gate Irish Pub. This was highly recommended for its breakfasts and I would whole-heartedly agree. I had perfectly poached eggs on toast and their pub spuds were crispy and delicious.

After filling ourselves up we set out to burn off all those calories. To do this we set off towards Lost Lake. This park is an easy stroll from Whistler. At the opening to the park is the Lost Lake PassivHaus where you are able to buy passes for the park and can hire either cross country ski gear or snowshoes. We went for snowshoes today, picked up a trail map and set out on our way. There are trails for both sports and they cross each other at various points. The snowshoe routes are colour coded on the map which corresponds with the markers you follow on the ground. All are different lengths to fit in with the time limits you may have.IMG_3102 1IMG_3105 1IMG_1686 1

We set off to do all the routes (except the one down to the Scandinave Spa). The first part took us down to the edge of Lost Lake (to go around the edge you need to be on skis). The hike takes you through coniferous forest to various viewpoints, although the one across Green Lake is somewhat ruined by the electricity cables. The terrain is undulating between 2,199ft and 2,431ft over approximately 8 miles. The snow when we were there was well compacted so when the snowshoes started to cause my boots to rub I was able to easily walk on most parts without them.IMG_1685 1IMG_1690 1IMG_1701 1IMG_1709 1

This was my first time snowshoeing and for anyone who is also new to it, it is much harder than normal hiking and you need to have decent footwear on. If your boots are a bit big, or you don’t have thick enough socks, the weight of the snowshoes will create drag causing blisters. I speak from experience!IMG_1717 1

Snowshoe rentals from Lost Lake PassivHaus are $20 for a full day and $15 after 3pm.

Have you ever been to Lost Lake in the Winter or alternatively in the Summer? Any tips for snowshoeing?


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  1. We have been to Whistler many times, staying at our timeshare Cascade Lodge, which is adjacent to the village. However, as a non-skier we only go in summer/autumn, when snow is well gone and it is considerably warmer.

    Have walked many trails starting from the huge parking lot to Lost Lake and Nicholas North GC on Green Lake. We have also attended concerts on the hill and hiked down. It was great seeing your snowy photos, but still prefer the warmer temps and sunny skies of summer.

    Hope you also visited the Irish Pub for lunch or dinner. The pub is our usual haunt for a few ales while watching live football, as they show live Champions League games at lunch time.

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  2. In addition to hiking, in the summer, they also have extensive mountain biking trails for novices up to experts.

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