Blood Brothers UK Tour.

Blood Brothers is one of those cult musicals that people go back to see over and over again, I spoke to some who were on their sixth or seventh visit. The story focuses on the Johnstone twins and how their lives unfold after being separated at birth. One is brought up in poverty while the other is in an upper/ middle class household. It asks the question whether superstition or the class system dictates the course of their lives.

This touring production stars Lyn Paul as Mrs Johnstone, Kristofer Harding as the narrator, Sean Jones as Mickey Johnstone and Joel Benedict as Eddie Lyons. They are all emotive and portray the different circumstances of their individual situations with authenticity and ease. The relationship between Mickey and Eddie is particularly touching. In this tour I didn’t find the narrator annoying as I have done previously which is a credit to that performance.


The songs are good although at times a little too repetitive for my liking and the direction is gritty and real. The story telling was such that the whole audience was taken through a complete rollercoaster of emotions, laughing in the first act and then many in tears by the bows.

Although this isn’t a show you come out from feeling joyful, it is moving in such a way that you can’t help but like it. The cast and crew all do a great job and it is well worth going to see just not if you need cheering up.

For further tour dates and venues visit here.


Have you seen Blood Brothers before? Did you enjoy it or did you find it a bit too depressing?

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