The Isle of Skye.

The day after climbing Ben Nevis we made the trip out towards the coast to visit the Isle of Skye. There are so many things to do on Skye that we had to make some tough decisions to decide on an itinerary for just one day there. By this point of the holiday all of us had dodgy knees so that did guide our chosen plan slightly.

We began in the top left corner of the island at Dunvegan Castle. After getting our entry tickets we set out to explore the gardens to begin with. There were a few themed areas, my favourite of which was the waterfall garden. After many flower photos we then went inside the castle which had some interesting rooms but the outside of the building was a bit dingy. The gardens on their own made the visit worthwhile though.img_3012-1img_3021-1img_3061-1

Next up we went to get some lunch across the island in Portree. We stopped in a small café for food then wandered down to the coastline to see the multi-coloured buildings. It really is like a picture postcard showing a small Scottish fishing port.img_3074-1

With our afternoon we decided we were probably not up to climbing up to the Old Man o’ Storr so instead we decided upon a visit to the Fairy Pools. These are a popular attraction so there was great competition for parking spaces. It is only a short down and up track to get there which also involves jumping across streams on stepping stones. As we got close we saw a few people stripping down to their swimwear and jumping in for some wild swimming which in the miserable weather did not appeal to me. The water is really clear as it tumbles down the multiple waterfalls and cascades down small rapids. Although they didn’t sparkle the same way they do in the pictures found when you do a google search, likely due to the clouds and drizzle, they were still pretty magical.img_3081-1img_3107-1img_3550

On the way home we drove through some stunning vistas including passing the Eileen Donan castle one of the most iconic landmarks of Scotland and is beautiful. I would love to go back to the Isle of Skye to try and get to the bits we missed and perhaps see the Fairy Pools in the sun if ever possible.img_3121-1img_3128-1img_3142-1

Have you visited Skye? What were your favourite things to do there?

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