Wallington Hall.

Our last day of the trip Fraser had to leave early to get to work but my parents and I had one more day booked off work so we made plans to visit one more place before heading home. Our choice was Wallington Hall.img_3359-1

We arrived before the house opened but were able to get into the grounds at that time. We took the opportunity to wander in the woodland where there was a hide to watch the wildlife in and at that time in the morning there was a lot going on. We saw multiple birds and even some rare red squirrels coming to eat the treats on offer. We were the only ones in the hide for a long time so we were able to get some great shots before more people arrived and the creatures ran away from the increased noise.img_3388-1img_3402-1img_3407-1img_3412-1

We then carried on around the lake until we arrived at a walled flower garden on the other side of the estate. It was beautiful there and allowed me to practise one of my favourite hobbies- flower photography!img_3436-1img_3437-1img_3441-1

Our last port of call was the house itself. Owned by the Trevelyan family before being donated to the National Trust. Inside is OTT and completely not to my taste at all however it is certainly interesting to look around. I wasn’t too sure about the taxidermy room though.img_3477-1img_3479-1

It was then time to head home. Wallington Hall was a lovely end to our Scotland and Northumberland trip although in my opinion the outside areas are superior to the interiors and if you can, try to get there early enough for a good chance of seeing the red squirrels, I mean seriously, how cute?!img_3391-1

Do you get excited about spotting native wildlife?


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  1. cute and nice pictures

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  2. Brilliant photos. I added this to our list of attractions, as we will be spending a week in a condo that is fairly close.

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