Huacachina to Nazca, Peru.

As our hotel in Huacachina was the only one on our trip that had a swimming pool we decided to take our morning there at a leisurely pace and forgo rushing off to Nazca to get a flight over the lines. Unfortunately the weather was not on our side and so although it was dry, it was overcast and cold so I didn’t end up getting in the pool, Fraser did though. I took the chance to have a wander around the oasis and on a lower part of the dunes. If I had known we would have had the time I may have tried to climb up to the top of one of them but never mind, it was a chance to chill a little as our schedule for most of the trip was pretty hectic.P1000727 1P1000736 1P1000741 1

For those people who had not gone off to Nazca in the morning the Peru Hop bus picked us up from Huacachina just after lunch time and took us off to a pisco vineyard. At this point the sun came out so it got a little hot whilst we were walking around the outdoor areas where our guide explained the process for making the local drink. It was fairly interesting and at the end we got to go into the bar area and taste a variety of different drinks. It turns out I am NOT a pisco fan as it is a sweet wine which I can’t stand. It was a nice place to visit but I am glad it was included in our bus ticket price, I would have been a bit disappointed if I had paid extra to look around.P1000748 1

Our last stop off was as the Nazca lines viewing tower. This is a way for anyone who doesn’t book a flight to see a couple of the lines. The views are not of the most exciting of the lines there are and the angle isn’t the best to see them from however we did see an epic sunset which somewhat made up for the slightly anticlimactic day.P1000755 1P1000770P1000775

Overall if I went back and did the holiday again this is the one day I would probably have changed. I think it would have been worth the effort to get to Nazca early to take a flight over the lines and miss out the trips included with the Peru Hop tickets although maybe it would have been different if the weather had been more on our side and the sun had come out in the morning.

Have you done the Nazca lines flight? Would you recommend it? Did you feel slightly let down by the viewing tower?

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