L’Art du Fromage, Leeds- review.

When we discovered there was a restaurant in Leeds dedicated to cheese fondue or raclette I knew it was the place I had to take Fraser for his birthday meal. L’Art du Fromage is a good concept run on a Friday and Saturday night in Le Chalet in Park Row in Leeds city centre and was pretty full when we were there so I would advise to book if you want to check it out.

The setting is pretty cute as the restaurant is a bakery during the day with opulent decor. The menu is either one of the cheese dishes or I guess you could choose just a couple of sides if you really dislike cheese but are going there with friends who love it.

Between us we had the fondue with a selection of extras and it was delicious. The cheese was not the same as you get in the French Alps where this is a staple dish however I found it to be nicer than that. There was a huge supply of bread and chips and also delicious charcuterie in our option that we added to with sausages and meatballs. Everything was amazing and worth every calorie.

Despite being full after our mains we still really wanted to try the puddings which we could see displayed behind the main counter. There was a wide selection of cakes and also the option for crepes and similar. Fraser had a yummy looking chocolate mint cake, I had a white chocolate crepe which was a little bit doughy but otherwise very nice.

Overall our meal was delicious and although not something you’d want to do too regularly (I’d never fit in any of my clothes again) it made a change from our normal haunts in Leeds. I would highly recommend it for anyone who loves cheese and also for those who enjoy the apres ski meals and want to get a taste of that at home.

Do you like cheese fondue? Is there a meal you associate with somewhere that you wish you could find easier in your home town?

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