Climbing Roseberry Topping.

Roseberry Topping may not be the highest hill out there at 320m (1050ft) however it is certainly very distinctive. It’s close proximity to Middlesbrough and the A1 make it the perfect place to go for an quick hike that will only take a couple of hours out of your day.

From the car park there are a couple of routes up to the top that vary in how long or steep they are. We chose the steepest and most direct route up to the top. Towards the base of the mountain is a wooded area that we passed through on the way up and back down and was really atmospheric in the misty weather.

Above this the track gets rockier and more vertical although this does not last for the longest time and soon we reached the summit.

This walk isn’t going to be the hardest one you’ve ever done, and unfortunately on the day we tackled it the weather meant we were unable to see the top that makes it so unique, but it was a nice morning out and I can imagine on a nice day it would be really pretty.

What are your favourite short hikes you’ve been on?

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