Is Nacpan Beach the most beautiful in the Philippines?

We had a couple of days in El Nido. The second day we were planning to one of the famous island hopping tours so on our first day we searched around for the best thing to pass the time. One suggestion that stood out was to visit what some people claimed was the best beaches in the Philippines, Nacpan Beach.DCIM102GOPRO

We walked into the centre of El Nido from where we hired auto rickshaws to drive us out approx. 40 minutes towards Nacpan which at times was a bumpy ride. The drop off point was next to a couple of guesthouses where there were a few people milling around and a super touristy “I ❤ Nacpan” sign. Around this area there were a fair few people sunbathing.P1030544P1030555DCIM102GOPRO

Nacpan Beach is made of 4km of beautiful, clean golden sand with a few rocky outcrops. The area around the entrance to the beach was slightly busy (although that was relative, there were by no means hundreds of people there) however when we walked just a few minutes along the shoreline in either direction the sand was deserted. We took some time to lie in the sun and have a dip in the water before traversing the full length of the beach and back to really enjoy the secluded spot.DCIM102GOPROP1030563P1030572

Nacpan Beach was absolutely stunning, quiet and absolutely worth the price and length of the auto rickshaw to get out there. As the years go by it is becoming less off the beaten track and may eventually become as busy as El Nido or Boracay but at the moment it still remains a place only visited by those who’ve spent the time to research the area and so it remains an unspoilt paradise.P1030586P1030608

What is your favourite beach in the Philippines? Any tips for the most gorgeous beaches around the world?

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