The long and winding road to Lobras.

The following day we set off for the Sierra Nevada stopping briefly in Guadix to see the Trogoladyte area. This is basically where people live in cave buildings helping them to regulate the internal temperature. Unfortunately it was a Sunday so the museum explaining the culture and history behind this living arrangement was closed but we were able to go up to a view point from which we could see the fronts of the houses and the chimneys sticking out of the ground. Just under the viewing platform a man was allowing people in to look around his house for a small donation. It was much like a standard small house except for the fact there were no windows towards the back of the property as it was underground, but it was noticeable that despite the high temperatures outside it was nice and cool inside without the need for air conditioning.
IMG_2588 IMG_2591 IMG_2599 IMG_2603
The next part of our journey took up across the Sierra Nevada through the national park. The road wound its way around the mountains making for some spectacular scenery which we were able to appreciate when we weren’t wetting ourselves with fear that we were about to topple off the edge of the road. At many points the road goes down to a single lane around hair pin bends with no barrier between us and the ever growing drop down into the valley. I am not normally one to have a problem with heights, it turns out that is only true when I am not trapped inside a vehicle with no control over the situation despite the fact Fraser is actually a very good driver.

We stopped off a couple of times along the way to take photos of the views we were passing but other than that it was more a case of wanting to reach our destination without dying. The slight hitch we did have was that our sat nav was adamant about us travelling down a dirt track… which didn’t actually exist; not ideal but after a few u-turns we did finally manage to find the right route to our apartment for the next night.
Our apartment was in the hamlet of Lobras, which is in the complete middle of nowhere. We checked in and in the evening went for a wander to see if we could find anywhere for a drink with no luck. We found some very pretty whitewashed houses with flower pots along the external wall but nothing that resembled a bar, or a shop, or anything other than houses. Thankfully we had stocked up on supplies in Granada so we didn’t go hungry and in the end it turned out quite nicely as some quiet time to get away from the hustle and bustle and really just relax.

The apartment itself was really cute and had all the basic amenities we needed. The lady who runs it doesn’t speak English but she was nice enough and was able to give us information leaflets about the village and the surrounding area including ideas for walks to neighbouring villages. The wifi signal didn’t work in our room but if needed we could have tried to get it down in the communal area in reception. I actually ended up regretting not booking an extra night there instead of our following one in Malaga.

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