A very hot and hilly trek.

We decided to use the advice given to us by our landlady today by going for a walk in the countryside surrounding Lobras. This is not technically in the Sierra Nevada National Park however this turned out to be more of a trek than a stroll. It was hot and very hilly. The map we had picked up at our hotel gave us directions to walk between Lobras, Timar and then onto Juviles. As the crow flies this is only around 5km each way but the mountainous terrain and weather make it feel a lot further.

We managed to lose the path a few times in both directions which resulted in us having an altercation with some bees when we strayed too close to their hive. It did however reward us with some stunning views.

The towns we walked to were almost as sleepy as Lobras although thankfully we were able to get a sandwich and drink in a small cafe at the midpoint of the walk in Juviles, before heading back a slightly different route on the way home.

Although this was hard work it was extremely rewarding and completely worth it. It was such a nice way to relax from the crowded sightseeing with all the other tourists on the rest of the trip. We then had to drive to Malaga for our last night in Spain.

IMG_2664 IMG_2671 IMG_2674 IMG_2686 IMG_2689 IMG_2695 IMG_2697 IMG_2701 IMG_2704 IMG_2709 IMG_2640 IMG_2653

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