Croatian Capital.

We arrived just after midday in Zagreb having flown from Heathrow. The flight seemed really short. Getting from the airport to Central Zagreb was relatively easy we just hopped on a local bus which took us to the main bus terminal where it was very simple to catch a tram to our apartment for the night.

We are staying in our first air bnb room. We found the whole system very easy to use and our place with Ivan may not be posh but is very well located, his mother who checked us in was very helpful and it serves our purpose very well ( the shower was also very powerful, a definite plus point from me).

In the afternoon we set out to explore Zagreb passing the National theatre which was almost next door to our apartment on our way up to Gornji Grad ( upper town). There are steps that you can climb to get to the upper town or you can get the furniculaire to the top for 4 kuna each, which is what we did.
IMG_4211 IMG_4213 IMG_4214 IMG_4215 IMG_4216 IMG_4217 IMG_4219
The top of the furniculaire offers views of Donji Grad however we decided to get better views of the whole city to go up the Tower of Lotrscak (20 kuna each). The staircase is narrow but from the top you can see across the whole city including the cathedral and down on the St Marks church patterned roof. I would say the effort is definitely worth it.
IMG_4223 IMG_4224 IMG_4226 IMG_4228 IMG_4232 IMG_4233
Next to the tower is the museum of broken relationships, something I had seen other bloggers talking about. This showcases stories and items people have donated that tell a story about a relationship of theirs that has for one reason or another. Some of the stories are really touching and others just ludicrous but not a bad way to pass time. (25 kuna each).
IMG_4238 IMG_4239 IMG_4240
On the way back down to the Kaptol area of town we passed St Marks church and the stone gate which has a church built into it and went to grab some food. Fraser wanted to try strukli, a northern Croatia specialty, so when we passed a restaurant call La Struk near the cathedral we had to get food there. Strukli is a cheese based dish and oh my was it cheesey, it was very nice.
IMG_4242 IMG_4243 IMG_4244 IMG_4249IMG_4253 IMG_4255
We only saw the cathedral from the outside where they also had on display some of the old spires that were weathered down and the old clock that broke in an historic earthquake.
IMG_4258 IMG_4262 IMG_4265 IMG_4267 IMG_4269 IMG_4271 IMG_4272
We wanted to find a cafe to sit outside on our way back to the apartment to enjoy the weather and relax before turning in for the day so we started our return journey and happened upon a food and drink festival at Strossmayer square where we were able to sit, have an ice cream and drink and people watch for a couple of hours which was a lovely end to a long and busy day.
IMG_4278 IMG_4283
Zagreb is quite a relaxed city which has some good sites. I don’t think we’d want to spend more than one more day here but it has been a nice introduction to Croatia.

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