Stormy Dalmatian Coast.

Today we had a lie in mainly due to the fact the weather was horrendous, it was a full on thunderstorm. By the time we left our apartment it had brightened a bit.

We set off back towards the old town. If we had slightly longer in Zadar and if the weather had been better we would have booked a full day tour through the Zadar archipelago and down to Kornati National Park. As it was we decided just to get a ferry across to Ugljan.

On our way to the ferry port we passed the sea organ and the greeting to the sun. The sea organ sounded like a slightly out of tune church organ and the notes were determined by the height of the waves coming up to the shoreline. I have no understanding of what the greeting to the sun is. They both appeared very strange landmarks for a tourist destination.
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The ferry to Ugljan runs about once an hour in the summer season and takes just under half an hour to get there. Once there we wandered along the coast to try and find the tourist information. We came across some sun loungers on the way and decided to stop there as there were nasty looking black clouds over the island and we didn’t have much time. We paddled in the freezing cold water rather than trekking up to the monastery look out point. It turned out to be a good plan as just before we got onto our return ferry the heavens opened again and there was lightning over the island.
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Our bus from Zadar to Split took about 3 and a half hours. The bus station in Split is on the Riva right beside the ferry terminal. From here it was only a very short walk to Diocletian’s Palace where our hotel was located.

The Jupiter hotel is in the heart of Diocletian’s Palace. It isn’t the easiest place to find but once there it is the perfect location. Our room however was not ideal as we were right next to the kitchen so I was kept awake by the clattering for both the dinner and breakfast shift.

Once checked in we went to find some dinner. Diocletian’s Palace is the perfect place to wander around and stumble upon somewhere to eat as every street and square no matter how small or narrow is lined with tables from various restaurants and bars. There was a concert being performed outside the peristil near the cathedral that evening which we could hear but didn’t stop to watch. We eventually settled on a restaurant serving traditional Dalmation cuisine; this is primarily seafood-the mussels were delicious- and meat dishes.
IMG_4596 IMG_4597 IMG_4601 IMG_4604
After this we headed back to our hotel for bed and my slightly disturbed nights sleep.

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