Sleeping and eating in Malham.


Beck Hall B&B

The Beck Hall B&B is a beautiful, quaint set up located on the road heading out of the village towards Malham Cove. It has a large car park out the back for guests, although you do have to walk a fair way around to get from the car park to the reception including going over the river, there is no quick cut through. There is a small garden area out front next to the beck which I imagine is lovely to sit by in nice weather.

Our bedroom was gorgeous. We were in the “green room” which came complete with our own 4 poster bed and a view out across the village. We were based in the older part of the building so the floors were rather creaky and it seemed most people had to walk past our room to get to theirs meaning it was a bit of a thoroughfare outside but I found it didn’t affect me too much.

Downstairs was a very cosy lounge where an open fire was kept burning for us to warm up by after we got back inside out of the rain. Also there was the breakfast room where we were served a variety of continental and cooked foods that set us up well for a long day of walking.

Wifi was available in the property with a fair connection speed. Dogs are also welcome here should you wish to bring them to the Dales with you to enjoy the countryside.

I would highly recommend a stay at the Beck Hall B&B and I would book there again if I were ever back in the area.



There are only a couple of restaurants in Malham, therefore a reservation is advised particularly in peak season and at busier times of day.

The Lister Arms

This is described as a “gastropub”. The atmosphere is cosy yet quite upmarket yet not snobbish. The food was varied and delicious. It is the “posher” of the two evening eateries in the village. It has a good drink selection stocking many good ales, especially local brews. It is definitely worth a visit and was possibly my favourite of our two evening meals.

The Buck Inn

This feels like a more typical British pub. The bar area is more integrated with the restaurant. The food is more “pub grub” than the Lister Arms but is still really yummy and wholesome after a day out and ab out.

We had two nights in Malham and so went to each restaurant once and had really nice food both nights; even if we did have to fight hard to stay awake after busy days out.



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  1. Sounds like an amazing stay. Sometimes small hotels are real pearls 🙂

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