Chittorgarh Fort.

Today was predominantly a day of travel. The trip from Jaipur to Udaipur takes approximately 7 hours when done with no stops. We did have to stop a few times and at our lunch stop we had a short excursion to the Chittorgarh Fort.

After eating we loaded into tuktuks; my first experience of travelling in one of these. The trip at times was a little scary, when going headfirst towards oncoming traffic or having to swerve around wandering cows, it was great fun though.


At the top we visited a rose garden, the part of the fort where the ladies set fire to themselves when the men started to lose the battle against the Muslims so they would not be taken prisoner. The flowers were really pretty despite the slightly gruesome past.

IMG_7365 IMG_7366 IMG_7371 IMG_7374

Just further down the hill we visited some Hindu temples and monuments, including a tower which we were able to climb. The climb was too much for some of the group due to the steep steps and low ceilings but the view over the other monuments and of the town below was well worth the effort for those of us that could make it. The carving on all of the buildings was so beautiful and intricate.

IMG_7389 1 IMG_7390 1 IMG_7397 1 IMG_7400 1 IMG_7409 1 IMG_7417 1 IMG_7426 1 IMG_7429 1 IMG_7435 1 IMG_7451 1 IMG_7453 1 IMG_7459 1 IMG_7468 1 IMG_7480 1 IMG_7447 1

We then caught the tuktuks back down to the bottom to continue the journey to Udaipur. We arrived late so most people just grabbed some food in the hotel restaurant and went to bed.

IMG_7482 1

Looking at the tour itinerary the Chittorgarh Fort was an optional excursion that only runs if there is enough time and I’m so glad we did manage to go there. It would have been such a shame to have missed out and is definitely worth the time to visit. We were there around early sunset and the lighting from this made it extra stunning, a great time to visit.

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