8 Things to do in Bridlington.

Bridlington is a town and port on the coast of East Yorkshire about half an hour south of Scarborough. There are some hotels in the town but for a true British seaside experience, a B&B is the best option for accommodation. There are many activities that can be done in Brid, here are 8 options:

  1. Visit the beach.

There are 2 main beaches in Bridlington, the North and South beach. Both are reasonably long. I personally prefer the south beach as it is all sandy and the north beach has more pebbles on it. The north is closer to the town centre though so is more convenient if you are centrally located. Both beaches offer donkey rides.

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  1. Attend a show or event at the Spa.

My friends and I go to Brid yearly for a dinner, show and ball all held in the Spa. There are regular gigs and shows performed on either of the 2 stages including some big names.

For a list of upcoming events visit their site here.

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3. Karaoke

This seems to be a major past time in Brid. There are multiple pubs offering karaoke in the town. Don’t expect it to be a classy affair. This is low brow entertainment at its finest. The pub singer gets everyone into it and the locals are always out in force to have a go, many who have regular acts.

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  1. Grab some fish and chips.

You’re at the British seaside, it’s tradition!! There are a lot of places that serve fish and chips in Brid. Our regular has become busy bees which is just out of the main town on the walk to the Spa. We chose this as it is on our route back to our B&B to get ready for the ball, I’m sure others are just as good. If you don’t fancy fish of the deep fried variety then along the front there are plenty of stalls serving fresh fish, including my favourite little pots of crayfish.

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  1. Take a boat tour of the harbour.

There are 2 main options for this- a pirate ship or a speed boat. Both options are cheap and good fun. Your choice should be based on the pace you want to see the bay as both go out of the harbour and along the length of the north beach. The pirate ship is more sedate but makes it much easier to get good photos of the coastline… and it’s a pirate ship!!! The speedboat is brilliant for thrill seekers who want a slightly faster pace, just don’t expect your hair to look any good once you get off.

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  1. Visit the arcades.

Get your pennies out and pop into one of the many arcades along the front. The prizes are cheap and tacky and you hardly ever seem to win but it’s a British seaside tradition so suck it up and have some fun.

SAM_3949 SAM_3950 1

  1. Bowling/ crazy golf/ funfair rides.

The options for fun, especially with kids, are endless especially along the front. There are both indoor and outdoor crazy golf courses so if the English weather lets you down you can always have some fun whilst keeping dry.


  1. Get yourself some rock.

There are loads of places to get this seaside snack, or any other sweet treats that take your fancy. There is also the John Bull factory that you can visit just outside the town to see the rock being made and buy some from the shop, you can also buy off cuts at knock down prices.

10172845_10153976232480134_1182106091653808960_n 1

What do you think? Have you ever been to Bridlington? What are your favourite things to do there?


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  1. Great post, brought back loads of childhood memories of spending holidays at many other British seaside towns.


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