Smuggler’s Cove, Liverpool.

Smuggler’s Cove is a popular restaurant in the Albert Dock area of Liverpool. The restaurant and bar are decorated in a pirate theme. When we arrived we managed to get a table without a reservation, although I do know people who have been turned away at peak times when it is too full.

The atmosphere is great. As we were there for lunch there were quite a lot of children there but they all seemed to be entertained. I find some themed restaurants to be quite tacky but Smuggler’s Cove manages to be full on but almost understated at the same time (no, that doesn’t make any sense to me either, just put it this way, I liked the pirates)!

IMG_1993 1IMG_8690 1

The drinks menu featured some good choice, with a selection of cocktails available. Many contained rum, being a pirate’s favourite and all that, but there were plenty of other options for those who don’t share an affection for the stuff.

IMG_1990 1 IMG_1989 1

Between Fraser and myself we ordered far too much food. There are a wide variety of dishes available in a deli, barbeque or rotisserie style. They are served in keeping with the pirate theme, some dishes in rum barrels, some garnishes in sea shells etc. I had the mussels which were cooked in a gorgeous sauce- so good and thankfully it came with a big hunk of bread to soak the sauce up- and a deli board, which would have been much better if I had planned to share it!

IMG_1994 1 IMG_1995 1 IMG_1996 1

For some of our visit there was a live musician by the bar who provided some nice background music. Live music is a regular occurrence here, especially in the evenings.

The waiting staff were attentive to us throughout despite being kept busy through service.

Overall we had a very positive experience in Smuggler’s Cove. It is not a place for high class dining but if you want good food, a friendly atmosphere and a wide variety of drinks choices then you can’t go wrong. It also made a nice change from chain restaurants and if I were back in Liverpool I would certainly eat here again.

IMG_8698 1

Have you been here before, what did you think? What are your opinions on themed restaurants?

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