Zaap Thai, Leeds.

Zaap Thai is a Thai street food restaurant that opened in May this year in Leeds. It is located at the bottom end of the Grand Arcade which is encountering a rejuvenation of popularity recently.I walk past it regularly on my way to work at the theatre and it is nearly always packed, which I thought must be a good thing, so I decided to check it out with Fraser and my friend, Katie, before we went to see Jesus Christ Superstar the other night.

IMG_2401 1

Walking into Zaap Thai you are immediately hit with by the bold decor with all things you would associate with Thailand. It is really fun and some of the tables are actually located within TukTuks. The menu is extensive and you can go for a full meal or a collection of snacks. Katie got a big chicken dim sum plate, I went for a couple of tasters. The service was good and my food was really tasty- satay chicken, prawn tempura and sticky pork with sesame seeds. The 3 small dishes definitely filled me up, Fraser also got the Satay chicken and we could have shared.

IMG_2403 1 IMG_2404 1

The prices are decent, not what I expect you would pay in Thailand, but I didn’t feel ripped off at the end of the night and the atmosphere was buzzing, even on a Monday evening. Zaap Thai is open into the evening (last orders 11pm) as well which means if you fancy a bite to eat a little later on you can get something there.

I really enjoyed my meal at Zaap Thai, far more than I thought I would, and will definitely be going back again to try more of the menu. To view the menu click here.

IMG_2402 1

Have you been to Zaap Thai? Any other Thai restaurants you would recommend in Leeds or beyond?

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