Jesus Christ Superstar 2015 UK tour- review.

I went to see the 2015 tour of Jesus Christ Superstar and must say I was very disappointed. The whole show just seemed a bit amateur (although I hate to label it that as I do a lot of am dram myself). There wasn’t the passion or energy you hope for when going to see a professional production, especially if you’ve paid a lot of money.


The set is very effective and is one of the saving graces for the show. The other highlight is the performance from Cavin Cornwall as Caiaphus who has the most amazing bass voice I have ever heard and appeared to float menacingly across the stage. The band were also amazing.

Glenn Carter as Jesus gave a reasonable performance. He is clearly far too old to play the part but his singing was reasonable, even if his crucifixion scene left me wondering if he was waiting for me to die with him. I guess that is more a criticism of the direction than of his performance.

I was seriously unimpressed by Tim Rogers performance as Judas, the main character in this show. I am aware the part is supposed to be screechy and rocky however some of the notes were just painful to listen to and his relationship with Jesus was very unbelievable. Also Rachel Adedeji as Mary Magdalene was weak. She was almost inaudible in the quieter bits and missed her big note both times I watched it.

I have seen many positive reviews for the show so clearly some people do like it, I am not one of those people. I have to admit, it is one of the few times I have considered leaving during the interval. If I haven’t put you off though (as I said, it has received a whole load of love from others) you can see the future dates up until November and book tickets here.

Pamela Raith


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  1. I completely agree. Love your blog!


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