Dreamboats & Miniskirts, UK tour- review.

If you like the music of the 60s, chances are you will like this show. It is a sequel to Dreamboats and Petticoats and follows a group of young adults trying to make their way in the world of music in the 60s. I have not seen the prequel but all the characters were given enough of an introduction that after a few minutes I was up to speed with what was going on.


The storyline itself is pretty weak, however the music is the main reason to see this show. While I personally was not alive in the 60s, the songs were mostly recognisable to me and were all performed very well. The script had some witty one liners (possibly more than I picked up on?) that kept the mood of the evening light. The set was simple but effective using imagery of the decade to set the tone of the piece. The costumes were a highlight for me as I love the 60s fashion and they subtly showed the transition from full 50s skirts to the miniskirt.


The cast were well suited to their parts. I am always impressed by actor musos who not only act the characters but also sing, dance and play the musical instruments, often doing more than one of these simultaneously like the dancing saxophonists. There was a lot of talent on the stage despite there being no “big name” in it.


The show may not be ground breaking but the audience all left the theatre smiling and humming their favourite tunes making it a very pleasant evening out.

For dates and tickets for the remainder of the our click here.

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