Walking Rosedale Abbey.

Whilst in the North York Moors we wanted to go for a bit of a hike and were spoilt for choice by the available walks. There are countless guidebooks/websites giving you ideas for popular routes to suit ability or time restraints. We decided to go for one originating in a village nearby called Rosedale Abbey.

IMG_2482 1 IMG_2483 1

From the village we walked along a river and up into the hills until we reached the moors at the top. It was raining when we started but this soon cleared although the day remained overcast. It made everything wet underfoot and my legs and feet were soon soaking. We even came across a steep, narrow path than had transformed into a stream following the unsettled weather.

IMG_2486 1 IMG_2490 1

The instructions were mostly easy to follow however some of the landmarks on it seemed to have changed since it was written meaning we did have to turn back and retrace our steps once.

IMG_2507 1 IMG_2515 1

The views were wonderful throughout the whole walk. I particularly liked the pink blooms of the heather up on the moorland. As a walking trail Rosedale Abbey was a very scenic place. The terrain was not always the easiest underfoot but nothing was too strenuous or treacherous. It is probably and easy-intermediate walk made slightly harder by the damp.

IMG_2498 1 IMG_2502 1

Have you been out walking in the North York Moors? What are your favourite routes?

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