Beach and Crazy Golf in New Brighton, The Wirral.

This was a very spontaneous trip. Fraser and I had been to a wedding in the area then stayed overnight. As we had no plans the next day we decided to hang around and explore (this is why we are wearing wedding clothes, we didn’t just overdress for a day out)! The area has clearly undergone a recent regeneration and there is a leisure complex with various restaurants and a cinema where we went to an early morning showing of the Minions Movie.

There is a long, sandy beach that was mainly occupied by fisherman whilst we were there but also a few children and some dogs. It was probably too cold for large crowds whilst we were there. It was very clean and would be lovely in warmer weather. It was dramatic with all the docklands machinery in the background.

IMG_2357 1 IMG_2364 1 IMG_2371

Another activity in the area is crazy golf. There are two 18-hole courses to choose from, so naturally we did both. The first one we did all the holes were based on famous holes at the world’s most recognisable golf courses, they had recreated the lay of the land and put in bunkers or water in but on a scale version. We ended up in the water plenty of times but thankfully there are nets provided for fishing stray balls back out again. The second course was local landmarks and was more like a traditional mini golf course. There were obstacles to go through and around and some of the holes were quite tricky. It took us a good few hours to complete both rounds and it was a lot of fun especially as I finally beat Fraser at something!! The landmarks one was more entertaining for kids. It was quite busy when we were there and we did have to queue a couple of times but as we had no time constraints this was not a problem. I would recommend it if ever in the area.

IMG_2382 1 IMG_2384 1 IMG_2388 1

Have you ever been to New Brighton? What did you enjoy doing?

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