The Witchery, Edinburgh.

The Witchery is a hotel located on the Royal Mile not far from Edinburgh Castle. The suites there are legendary and a popular choice for the rich and famous and can be booked from £395 per night. We considered staying there for one night at the end of our holiday but ultimately decided the expense was above our budget, we were unable to justify that much for one night. We did, however, check out the restaurants.

There are two restaurants at the hotel, The Secret Garden and the Dining Room. Being a complete failure at any sort of decision making I ended up booking us in to both for two separate dinner reservations.

Our first visit we ate in the Secret Garden. This is essentially a very posh greenhouse. It is light and airy (well it was 5.30pm well before the sunset) and we had a great view from our window seat across the rooftops below.

IMG_2580 1 IMG_2584 1

The second time we were in the Dining Room which is ornate and Gothic. It is much darker but with lots of candle light which makes it very romantic. The only downside was it did feel a lot like being in a zoo with hundreds of people peering through the window at us whilst we were eating.

IMG_2641 1 IMG_2633 1

One thing I was slightly disappointed by was that the menu was the same in both restaurants. Saying that the food was delicious. It’s not somewhere you go for large portion sizes but it is most certainly the place for fine dining. My particular favourites were the starter of scallops, the seabass and the berry desert. The bill wasn’t cheap but the food well worth it.

IMG_2581 1 IMG_2588 1 IMG_2629 1 IMG_2630 1

The Witchery was a wonderful experience but you certainly don’t need to go twice in one week. Personally I preferred the Dining Room as it felt like it really fitted the ambience you would expect from somewhere called “The Witchery”. Don’t make plans to go and see a show too soon after, you want to be able to sit and savour the meal rather than having to rush off like we did. Whichever of the restaurants you decide upon through, you will leave well fed.

IMG_2636 1

Have you been to The Witchery? What did you think? Would you pay for fine dining or do you prefer comfort food?

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  1. Looks very good. A hotel with good cuisine is always something amazing to start with 🙂


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