Skipton Castle.

Sorry for being a little MIA this past couple of weeks, I have been very busy performing in Evita and then recovering from this. At the beginning of September I had my 25th birthday. I had a masquerade ball planned to celebrate in the evening but during the day Fraser took me on a surprise day out. Our first stop was a visit to Skipton Castle in North Yorkshire.

IMG_2672 1

Built over 900 years ago this was the only castle in the Yorkshire to hold out against siege in the Civil War due to its good positioning and heavily fortified walls. The castle overlooks the town of Skipton and you can get some great views from the higher rooms (although these didn’t really translate in my photos).

IMG_2676 1

The entrance takes you through to a small courtyard with a lone tree in it which is really atmospheric. When you buy your ticket you get given an information sheet which is designed to help you find your way around but in no way, shape or form did it help us. The castle is basically a maze, we kept ending up in the same rooms with no idea how we’d got there. The rooms are very bare, this is not a castle you to for home furnishing ideas but it is the place to see a fully-fledged fortress. There was a wedding being set up whilst we were there and it would make for a pretty powerful backdrop to your big day.

IMG_2674 1

Inside the castle is nowhere near as big as it looks from the outside which is because half of the building remains a private house. This means it only takes a couple of hours tops to visit. From the castle we did see a bridged walkway by the river that looked as though it could be a nice extra if you have the time. It is worth going to as a quick stop when in the area.

I will do another post of the next part of my birthday- the lunch stop.

IMG_2677 1

Have you been to Skipton Castle? What did you think?

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