Cathedrals and Casinos in Murcia.

On a recent holiday to Spain we took a day trip to Murcia which is approximately 40 miles away from Alicante. The town is home to around 434,000 people.

Our first stop was the Gothic Cathedral built between 1394 and 1465. You are able to go inside for no charge. The cathedral is nice but nothing to get excited about. It is nowhere near the scale of some other Spanish cathedrals (Seville for example). It creates a good centre point for the city, a landmark to help find your bearings but I wouldn’t go wild about it.

IMG_0698 1 IMG_0700 1

Our other main stop was the casino. This is Old Moorish architecture with the patterning clearly representing the Islamic style of décor on the walls and ceiling. For an entry fee you can explore all the main rooms along with an audio guide, some is still closed to the public though for members only. It is grand and ornate throughout and was definitely worth visiting whilst in the city.

IMG_0714 1 IMG_0720 1 IMG_0748 1

We then had a wander around the city. There is a large Carte Ingles department store. Inside we found a bakery where we bought some lunch and then sat in a nearby park people watching and eating it.

Overall I was not too impressed with Murcia as a city. It is certainly not somewhere I am itching to get back to as I found there to be minimal charm. As a day trip whilst staying nearby the casino is a nice little attraction but beyond that there didn’t appear to be much on offer.

IMG_0701 1

Have you been to Murcia? Have you got any recommendations that would help me enjoy it more?

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