Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver.

Despite the poor weather, we set out in the morning to the Capilano Suspension Bridge. There is a shuttle from the city centre (we got on just outside Canada Place) that is included in the ticket price so we jumped on this and made the short journey across to the north shore. The tickets are fairly expensive for the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park but for that price you get to go over the bridge, through a tree top walk and on a cliff walk. I was a little wary after reading reviews from people who reported they had to queue for an hour just to get onto the bridge but due to the time of year and weather we decided to take our chances.

First up we went over the bridge and I had been right, the weather seemed to have kept people away so we had no queue at all. This meant we could just stroll at our own pace across the 140m walkway. The views up and down the gorge were beautiful, looking down at the Capilano River 70m below. The bridge does rock a bit but it is well policed by officials with a tannoy to reprimand anyone messing around on it.IMG_2049 1

At the far side of the bridge is the tree walk which has part on ground level overlooking the gorge and part up in the trees. There are boards throughout to give you information about the local flora and fauna. There are steps involved but nothing is too strenuous. It is a lovely area to wander around and Fraser and I were very lucky. As I was walking along I suddenly became aware of a low hooting noise. On pointing this out to Fraser we started scanning the canopy and after 30seconds we spotted an owl staring back at us. I had just enough time to snap a couple of photos before it spread its wings and flew away from us. It was the most amazing thing as apparently they are quite shy and keep away from the noise of the tourists. I am just sad I didn’t have my telephoto lens on my camera but being there was special in itself.IMG_2033 1

Back over the main bridge is the gift shop then just around the corner is the cliff walk. This structure is a sturdy walkway that juts out from the cliff edge over the river below. Although less wobbly than the bridge it is not for anyone with an extreme fear of heights. It gives views of the suspension bridge and down along the valley.IMG_2078 1IMG_2094 1

Once we had finished on the cliff walk we headed back to the shuttle bus and this time alighted closer to the centre of Vancouver to do a bit of shopping including purchasing some very important outfit items for later in the week, more on that in a later post though. Then it was dinner followed by bed.

The Capilano Bridge Park was a good day out but we were lucky that it was quiet the day we were there. I’m not sure I’d be too happy paying all that money to then stand in a long queue all day. For a slightly less famous option there is also the Lynn Canyon nearby but with a smaller bridge. As an area so well known for its hikes and scenery I wonder whether it may be just as well going on a normal hike without having to pay an entrance fee, still it was enjoyable.IMG_2035 1

Have you been to the Capilano Suspension Bridge? Was it very busy? Did you find it worth the money?


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  1. Definitely agree with your comment regarding cost, especially considering we can purchase an annual pass for the same price you pay for a single visit. We have never experienced a queue to get on the bridge, but we never visit July, August or weekends.

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  2. Sorry, can’t help you with a comparison to Lynn Canyon, as it isn’t a spot we have visited.

    We live in the suburbs about 30 miles East of Vancouver and have hundreds of miles of dikes, a couple of lakes and Golden Ears Provincial Park only a couple of miles from the house. With all the local choices it is tough to venture into nature further afield.

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