11 Things to do in Vancouver.

Vancouver is honestly one of the best cities I have ever been to. Despite being really cosmopolitan it still feels outdoorsy and clean which is probably due to the backdrop of sea and mountains that reflect off the mirrored skyscrapers. There are so many things to do here and even in a week we had to be selective so with that in mind here are 11 things to do in Vancouver.IMG_1914 1

  1. Visit Granville Island

Explore all the arts areas and then head to the public market for some top class street food stalls. If time come back a second time for more feasting!IMG_1802 1

  1. Cycle the sea wall

Or walk it, run it or even roller blade it if you are that way inclined. My point is get outside and do it- all the way to Kitsilano if you can to get one of the best views of Vancouver.IMG_3184

  1. Visit Stanley Park

Again there are multiple ways to get around but it is a great way to get out into nature without having to leave the city boundaries.IMG_2283 1

  1. Vancouver Aquarium

A visit here will not only allow you to see the marine life but will also educate you on both them and their ecosystems whilst the entrance fee is put back into research and conservation. The location means it can easily be tied into a trip to Stanley Park (see previous point).IMG_2218 1

  1. Get out on the water

One of the main places to do this is around False Creek. There are multiple beaches and piers around here from which to set off. Depending on how active you want to be there are various different ways to do this from sitting on a motorboat such as the aquabus or hiring a kayak; I have even seen SUPs advertised for in the summer season.IMG_1849 1

  1. Attend a Canucks game

This is definitely not the cheapest activity in Vancouver but if you can get tickets the atmosphere and drama of an ice hockey match make it well worth it.IMG_3256 1

  1. Visit Capilano Suspension Bridge

It can be busy and it isn’t that cheap however the views are very pretty.IMG_2049 1

  1. Partake in some retail therapy

There is shopping here for all tastes and budgets from the high end designer stores to popular high street brands. These are located both in the centre of the city and in the malls towards the outskirts.

  1. Go skiing

There are ski runs just across the Lionsgate Bridge on the north shore. We didn’t go there so I can’t comment on how good they are as we had just spent the week in Whistler but it is very handy for if you don’t want to go so far afield. In the summer months this terrain makes for varied hikes also.IMG_3182

  1. Board a sea plane

Again not the cheapest option but on a clear day it can be an exciting way to gain a new perspective on the city. Alternatively it can speed up the commute considerably to get to Vancouver Island although you can’t count on this as a way to get good views of Vancouver.IMG_2110 1

  1. Visit Vancouver Island

Is say this one quite loosely as a day trip like we did was a bit too rushed, ideally we would have had much longer across there but a quick trip to Victoria for afternoon tea can be done with little difficulty.IMG_1995 1IMG_2131 1

Have you got anything you would add to the list? What is your favourite thing to do in Vancouver?

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