Vancouver Canucks Ice Hockey.

On our last full day in Canada we had a relaxed morning visiting the shopping mall for a look around and some retail therapy although we didn’t buy too much- Fraser got a haircut and I got a skirt then we both got a frozen yoghurt. The mall was a simple metro journey from the station right outside our hotel so it was pain free way to spend the morning.

We had nothing concrete planned until later on in the day when we had scored tickets to a Vancouver Canucks ice hockey game. As the time of the game drew nearer we both donned our newly purchased Canucks gear and caught the metro along with all the other supporters to the Rogers Arena. This was apparently a match of some significance (as we had been told by the guys in the Canucks store who sold us our kit) and so when we arrived at the Arena it was buzzing despite the rain. We had our bags checked on the way in and then we tried to locate our seats. The atmosphere was electric in anticipation for the match against the Toronto Maple Leafs.IMG_3256 1

Before the game there was some sort of players alumni ceremony where they all came out in special kit. The match then started. I didn’t have a clue what was going on. There seemed to be some foul or other every few minutes which was marked by music blasting through the sound system (apparently a few seconds is too long to not have something happening in case our attention should start to wander)! As someone who likes watching most sport, except football both American and soccer, I had a great time. Yes, there was a lot of stopping and starting as they came out to smooth the ice but there was enough action in the game to make up for that. We were completely thrown when in the 3rd period the Canucks took off their goalie and added another field player but it turned out to be a last ditch attempt to win the match, which didn’t work, because the game is played in thirds not quarters as I had been expecting. Unfortunately the Canucks didn’t win but I still really enjoyed myself.IMG_3253 1

Our tickets were not cheap although we paid less than we had originally expected. I looked at the main ticket website which was just too much, we didn’t think we would be able to go due to cost however we then spotted a link on the page that took us to a site where season ticket holders could sell any seats they were unable to use for that match. We took advantage of this and even though it was still a lot of money we did pay less than the full price tickets.

One of my favourite things to do in a country is get a taste of their local sports so this was really high on my bucket list of things to do in Vancouver so it was worth the bit more spent on it in my opinion. It was so much fun, I am an ice hockey convert.IMG_3258 1

Do you like going to sporting events on your travels? Do you like ice hockey?

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  1. You were extremely lucky to get tickets, as except for this season, each match is normally sold out. However, the Canucks didn’t play well this season, so people stopped attending.

    Don’t follow ice hockey, When travelling we will go watch a local football (soccer) match.

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