Otley Chevin.

Otley is a small market town located to the north west of Leeds. The town sits in a valley with Otley Chevin overlooking it. This is an area of wood, moorland and rocks very popular with walkers and boulderers. Although not paved the routes are fairly clear and easy although I would advise sensible footwear as it was boggy, uneven and overgrown at times.We went for an afternoon stroll there a month or so ago. The views across Otley are really nice and it is a great way to get outside not far from the city of Leeds itself.

Being the big kids we are, we couldn’t resist having a clamber over some of the rocks. There are a lot that are easy enough for amateurs with no equipment (eg. us) or there are some which are a little bigger and more complicated for those with a bit of know how, none of it is too taxing though. This means it is probably not a bad place to learn bouldering technique.

Otley Chevin is well worth the trip out from Leeds or the surrounding areas for walkers of all level, even those with lower fitness levels.


Have you been to Otley Chevin? Did you enjoy it? Have you ever tried bouldering?

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