Borough Market.

There are many great markets in London and for food one of my favourites in Borough Market. Located in Southwark it can be reached by London Bridge tube or over ground station.

There are cooked options perfect for a spot of lunch along with a wide variety of fresh produce you can buy. There is limited seating for eating, most people perch leaning on the wall of the garden of Southwark Cathedral. Particularly popular is the stall serving cheese raclette melted over new potatoes. There are also quite a few deli shops around the market including a popular bakery that is well worth a visit.

On my last visit with Fraser and my brother we came across a quirky bar we decided to try out “Alcoholics Architecture”. You pay a £10 entry fee then head down to the bar. At the entrance there are ponchos you can put on to protect your clothes, then a bar you can buy drink at and then a plastic entrance that leads you into a mist. This mist is made of a vapourised cocktail that is supposed to be inhaled. It is dense fog, you can only see a few centimetres in front of your face. I would not rush back to do it again but it was fun as a one off.

Borough market is a foodie lovers paradise and to be able to wander along the Southbank after eating which is a really pleasant way to spend part of the day and offers great views of Millenium Bridge and St Pauls Cathedral. (Sorry for the poor photos, I was too busy eating!!!)sam_3653-1

Have you been to Borough Market? What is your favourite stall?


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  1. kelseysimmonsschmitt February 12, 2017 — 10:06 pm

    Very cool! My husband and I are visiting in the summer. Wondering what transportation you think is best while traveling the UK and the rest of Europe?


    • It depends where you want to go and how much you want to spend. Hiring a car will get you to the most remote places but public transport tends to be good in many places. Trains can be expensive, especially in the UK but are your quickest way around, buses are cheaper. If your in London though either walking or the tube is the best way to go. Hope this helps.


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