Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (no spoilers)- review.

One day whilst on holiday in Spain in October 2015 I spent the morning refusing to leave the villa as I got in the online queue to try and secure some of the hottest tickets in town- Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Oh my god I’m glad I did, IT IS INCREDIBLE!!! The play is set 19 years after the Battle of Hogwarts where the books left off in the epilogue. I won’t say anything more about the plot as I need to #keepthesecrets which is what all audiences are encouraged to do.


The cast are superb from top to bottom playing both recognisable and brand new characters, there is not one that let the side down. The script they have to work with is as solid as you would expect from something with JK Rowling’s name attached to it. There are some very unexpected twists and some definite crowd pleasing moments.


The set is innovative and moved seamlessly to keep a fast pace for the plot meaning there is never a dull moment. The costumes also weave into this throughout. The magic done is really clever using a mixture of tricks and physical theatre. Some of the techniques used I could work out but others I had no idea how they did it.

There are really not enough positive things I can say about the show. I experienced a rollercoaster of emotions and not once did I ever find myself thinking it was too long despite the fact we had to watch two shows in a row… I could have stayed for much longer. The magic is captured from the moment you enter the theatre and end up buying all the merchandise all the way through to the final bows. It brings everything you loved from the written and film adaptations of the wizarding world and transfers it admirably to a whole new medium. The only trouble now though is I am desperate to go back again and tickets are the hardest things ever to come by.Have you read the script or seen the play? Did you love it as much as me or were you disappointed? Please remember to #keepthesecrets in any comments.


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