Looking ahead to 2017.

Now we are in 2017 I thought I would look ahead at some of our plans for the upcoming year. I was planning on doing this closer to the New Year but a nightmare New Years Eve involving viral gastroenteritis means this is coming a little later than planned. So we don’t actually have much booked as of yet however we do have a few ideas.

In February we are taking part in the Crystal Maze. Brits may remember this awesome game show from the 90s that I always wanted to be on but it was cancelled well before I was old enough. There is now an interactive version open in London (with one planned to open in Manchester) and for my Christmas present bought us tickets to go and take part. I am really hoping it lives up to expectation.


At the end of May/ beginning June we have flights booked to go to Peru!!! I am seriously excited for this trip as I have wanted to visit for so long. We have booked our Inca Trail tickets and have a vague itinerary planned but nothing else is set in stone yet.

We have our hotel booked for a long weekend at the Edinburgh Fringe festival in August as I made a deal with Fraser we would try and go every other year… he voted every year, I voted every five, compromise was every other.P1040113 1

We have vague plans of travelling to Vietnam at some point this year as our other big trip and I am hoping to go skiing with my mum later this month. Fraser has also mentioned he may be interested in completing a triathlon like I managed in 2015 so that may be something to aim for. Other than that the travel (and theatre) diary is looking rather sorry for itself. I’m sure other adventures will pop up along the way, maybe a city break or two, because this will not satisfy my itchy feet at current levels but here’s to a happy and fun-filled year.


Have you got any major travel plans for 2017 sorted yet? Anyone want to inspire me and add to my wishlist for 2017?


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  1. When in Edinburgh, are you attending the Tattoo? We are attending the 2nd show on Saturday 26th.

    A hike up Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh provides great views of the city and across to Fife. Much easier than Ben Nevis.

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  2. Sounds like you have some great plans for 2017! I did the Crystal Maze this year and don’t fear, it is amazing and feels so much like being on the show. Getting in the dome at the end is surreal and so much more difficult than you think it is when watching safely from the sofa at home!

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