Walking the Bronte Way.

Fraser and myself are in training for hiking the Inca Trail later in the year (and I use the word “training” fairly loosely) so are using this as an excuse to get out and walk in the local area more regularly. This saw us setting out to Haworth to walk in Bronte country in the Yorkshire Dales.p1000208-1p1000209-1

Our route started from the town centre and went past the Bronte museum out through a small field and then on a road for a short while before starting the trail proper. This took us along a track which was fairly flat for a while before heading down into a valley to the Bronte waterfalls. They are small but with a cute bridge over the top which of course we had to pose on top of.p1000218-1

At the other side of the bridge we had a steep climb up a rocky area to the top of the opposite moor before it leveled out and we wandered along the top. There was one more stream crossing before reaching Top Withens which is a ruined building with amazing views across the surrounding moorland.p1000222-1p1000231-1

From here we took a different route back along the top on a fairly well made path, which is part of the Pennine Way, until we got to another road which wound its way through Stanbury and back up towards Haworth. Once here we stopped and had dinner at the Stirrup restaurant which served good food. We had a selection of starters that really finished a great day.p1000226-1

The loop trail was 7.5 miles of easy to moderate hiking. There were some steep, rocky and boggy bits and there were also some extremely narrow stiles to squeeze however it is easily accessible for most people with fair fitness levels. There are also plenty of alternative routes to take if you want to make the walk shorter or longer.p1000239-1

Would you visit to see Bronte Country? Have you been to Haworth or the surrounding area before?

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