Scotts Bluff National Monument, Nebraska.

To get to our last full destination of the road trip, the Rocky Mountain National Park, we ended up driving through the state of Nebraska. Most of the drive was mile upon mile, hour upon hour of flat, monotonous plain land. It really was not the most interesting drive but we had chosen to go this way for a reason.

Our big stop of the day was at Scotts Bluff National Monument. Situated on the old emigrant Oregon Trail. At this particular spot the bluff was a landmark for the pioneers to navigate from as it towers approximately 800ft above the North Platte River.img_0830

At the bottom there was a visitor centre with some history about the area and what it represents. Honestly this wasn’t too exciting. There is then the option to either hike or drive up to the top, we chose the drive mainly because we were short on time as our drive was so long that day.img_0829

The top of the bluff gave us amazing views across the plains for massive distances. There were a couple of little walking paths around the top so you could look out in differing directions. It really was quite breathtaking.img_0833

All too soon we had to come back down and continue the long slog towards Colorado where we arrived in the evening ready to go on a hike the next day in the Rocky Mountain National Park.img_0831

What are your favourite places to visit in Nebraska?

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