Sneaky Experience Outdoor Cinema- Kirkstall Abbey.

Sneaky experience are a company who organise outdoor cinema events. In Leeds most of these take place at Kirkstall Abbey. One of the events that really caught my attention though was the Harry Potter weekend. As we had a function on the Saturday evening we went for the morning performance of the Philosopher’s Stone.

IMG_9154 1 IMG_9162 1 IMG_9167 1

This is not just a cinema, it is an experience. As we entered the Abbey we were greeted by a goblin. There were actors portraying all the major characters wandering around and engaging the guests with various tasks. Some were more convincing than others but the kids there enjoyed it.

There were themed food and drinks, the butterbeer was apparently much nicer than the stuff sold at official outlets like the studio tour. You could duel with Voldemort, take part in potions class and compete in activities to win points for the house cup.

IMG_9180 1 IMG_9185 1 IMG_9195 1

After all the fun outside it was time for the film to start. Whilst people were taking their seats there was an owl that swept over our heads.

IMG_9210 1

During the film it was cold, and we were very unprepared. Despite it being a nice day, we were sat in the shade with a breeze sweeping through so we ended up feeling somewhat jealous of those who had brought blankets with them.

It felt as though we were watching the film whilst sat inside Hogwarts itself and the whole thing was so atmospheric. I have seen the film many times before but this was a fresh way to experience it and I’m so glad we went for it. If I was being picky my only complaint would be that a lot of the activities were very much aimed towards the children, I would’ve liked to be involved with things e.g. the potions class, we got ignored a bit.

IMG_9212 1

There are more events and films to be held at Kirkstall Abbey throughout the summer which we may look into going to. I would recommend it to anyone in the area and for a calendar of what’s on visit their website here.

What do you think, have you been to an outdoor cinema? Would you consider going to a sneaky experience?

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