Hotel Chocolat Book Launch.

Last week Fraser and I were lucky enough to be invited along to Hotel Chocolat’s book launch “A New Way of Cooking with Chocolate”. I am a huge fan of the brand and love the products sold in their shops so was very excited about this.

IMG_2265 1

 We were greeted with cocktails incorporating Hotel Chocolat’s cocoa gin. They looked beautiful, were very tasty and set the tone for an indulgent evening.

IMG_2258 1

The main idea was to treat us to some of the recipes featured in the book. A few of these were served in the Roast & Conch restaurant (for my review see here). Some foods were new to me though and most of the things we tried were nice, although not all to my taste. The puddings and sweet dishes were delicious as I would expect and we both may have gone back for more than one taster each.

IMG_2272 1 IMG_2278 1

All the food was washed down with various cocktails incorporating the cocoa gin and samples of the chocolate beer. The latter I was a bit suspicious of when offered it but turned out to be surprisingly light and yummy.

IMG_2261 1

Upon leaving we were presented with a goodies bag including some cocoa balsamic vinegar, a nice touch although my hatred of vinegar will prevent me from trying it, and some chocolate dusted cocoa nibs.

IMG_2266 1

Thank you to Hotel Chocolat for this lovely evening. The recipe book will certainly interest those who like to be experimental with their cooking or want amazing chocolate dessert ideas. It also incorporates interesting information about where cocoa comes from and how it is harvested. Although some of the savoury dishes are not personally my cup of tea (but let’s face it I am notoriously fussy) there are some that I really do enjoy. This book would be a good addition to anyone’s recipe collection and looks very stylish as well.

Would you buy this book? Have you tried any of the recipes?

IMG_2271 1

I was invited to this event by Hotel Chocolat, all opinions are my own.

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