8 Things to do in Liverpool.

Liverpool is located on the Mersey River mouth on the West coast of England. It was the European Capital of Culture in 2008. Due to this there are lots of things to do in the city but I have picked 8 to get going with. NB. I have not picked going to a football match despite both Liverpool FC and Everton FC both being located here as I can’t stand the sport!

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  1. Visit all things Beatles.

They are of course one of the biggest bands ever and they originated in Liverpool. You can go to their museum, visit Penny Lane or just wander the streets near the bar where they first made it big. You can chose to do it in your own time or there are plenty of guided tours if you want a bit more in depth information in any language. The Liverpudlians are seriously proud of this export so any fans will not leave disappointed.

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  1. The Liverpool Eye.

This ferris wheel is no London Eye. It moves pretty quickly but because of this you do get to go around quite a few times. I found it a good way to look down upon the city and get both your bearings and some nice views.

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  1. Visit the Albert Dock.

Liverpool is famous as a docklands city, let’s face it the Titanic sailed from here. There used to be many docks, but now a great one to visit is the Albert Dock. It has been regenerated and is now home to small shops, bars and restaurants (including Smuggler’s Cove, for my review see here). It is a lovely place to feel a bit of history whilst enjoying some modern comforts.

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  1. The Liverpool Museum.

This museum has some interesting exhibits, some permanent and some temporary focussing mainly on the history of the city. My main complaint would be that the layout is a little random, there isn’t much of a main route through which meant we ended up missing some things. It is worth a visit (and is free). Outside are some painted versions of Liverpool’s new “mascot” the Superlambanana. Don’t ask!!

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  1. Visit the cathedrals.

There are 2 main cathedrals in Liverpool that are clear against the city skyline and they couldn’t differ from one another if they tried. Liverpool Cathedral is the Church of England one and looks more like your typical place of worship. Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral is Roman Catholic and has a far more contemporary feel.

  1. Go shopping in Liverpool One.

This large shopping centre is full of all your main high street brands. Whilst strolling through I did also see a Liverpool stereotype that I thought didn’t actually exist- a girl out shopping in her hair rollers!! Good times.

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  1. Go for a scouse night out.

There are hundreds of pubs, bars and clubs in Liverpool so take your pick. Scousers love to dress up (which when I went appeared to mean wear as little as possible even though it was pouring with rain, maybe I’m just getting old?)! Get your biggest heels, get dolled up, get the volume in your hair and hit the tiles!

  1. Get on a Boris bike.

There are bike stands everywhere in the city to pay to hire a bike out for the day. I wish I had realised just how accessible they were as I would definitely have got involved. Wherever you want to explore you will likely find a stand nearby.

Have you ever been to Liverpool? Is there anything you would add to the list or recommend?

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