Dalwhinnie Distillery.

This summer I spent a week in the Scottish Highlands with my parents. We stayed in a small village called Invergarry and spent the time driving around to explore the area. Our first day we spent the morning scoping out some of the activities we wanted to do whilst there and making bookings especially as the weather was not being too kind to us.

In the afternoon we ventured to a place called Dalwhinnie to go on a tour of their whisky distillery. We didn’t pre-book this but it wasn’t a problem as we were able to get a place on the next tour setting out (NB. When we were finishing there were two coach trips arriving so we may have struggled to get onto a tour at that time). The price was very reasonable and at our allotted time we were led into the brewery. The tour was interesting and informative and our guide explained all the differences between how Dalwhinnie and other places make their whisky. These small variations give brands their distinctive tastes. Speaking of tasting, at the end of the tour we were able to try a couple of drams of some of their products with a selection of chocolates. The Dalwhinnie whiskys were light and non-peaty and very more-ish, so much so that we ended up buying another tasting flight and a couple of bottle for the road.img_3477img_3476img_3485

When we finally dragged ourselves away from the whisky we set off back to the apartment. On the way we passed the Ardverikie Estate more commonly known as “Glen Bogle” from the amazing BBC drama Monarch of the Glen (that was a great show)! You can go on jeep tours in the grounds but we hadn’t booked this. From the road you can stand on the barrier to get great photos of the house from across the Loch. While this may not be exciting for a lot of people it was for me as I loved that show. Even if you haven’t seen Monarch of the Glen before it is still an impressive house in a stunning setting.img_2911-1img_2918-1img_2936-1


It is hard to go to Scotland and not do something whisky based and I can highly recommend the Dalwhinnie distillery as a good place to start.

Have you toured a Scottish whisky distillery? Which one did you go to and how was it? Any other Monarch of the Glen fans out there?

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